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Our mission is to help you attain your goals, including relief of pain and improved physical functioning.


Therapeutic Exercise is a necessary component to the patient’s rehabilitation. The patient is instructed in a home program and supervised in proper technique. Exercise includes progressive resistance for strengthening, stretching and muscle reconditioning. Joint Range of motion will be necessary for proper comfort and function of the joint involved.

Equipment at Silk Physical Therapy Center includes Cybex extremity testing and rehabilitation, Isostation B200 for lumbar spinal rehabilitation, UBE for upper body ergometry, Fitron for lower body ergometry, Stairmaster, Jumpsoles for ankle rehabilitation and lower extremity joint proprioception, BAPS, and Fitter.

Manual therapy techniques are often part of the treatment provided to mobilize joint restrictions, or release myofascial restrictions or adhesions. Massage, distraction, joint oscillation, passive stretching and friction all might be used as a manual technique if needed. Modalities might include: Hydrotherapy, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Heat or cold therapy, Traction either cervical or lumbar, TENS, muscle stimulation or iontophoresis.

Education is essential for the patient to maintain the improvement in their condition and to fully recover. Proper body mechanics and ergonomics are taught to ensure maximal function and independence. Physical therapy success needs to be evident years later and not just during treatment.

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